Things to Look For in a Neighborhood When Buying a Home in New York

Nickel City Funding is here this week to provide a checklist on things to look for when buying a home in Orchard Park, NY. We’re excited to tell you all about how to research and find your ideal new home. It is important to visit and look up items you want to see in your new neighborhood. Look up statistics such as local school scores, crime rates, walkability scores, public transit, nightlife, etc. Not only do these attributes affect your home value—they also affect your quality of life.

Your Relocation Checklist for Buying a Home in New York

If you do not live in the Orchard Park area, it is important to make an in person visit and look around. You can also go online and to area libraries to find stats and local details. Below are some suggestions on what to review:

  • You can contact the local police department and city government to find out crime rates in the area, many neighborhoods also have watch programs or online pages where residents share concerns. Visit and check out where you want to live, both during the daytime and nighttime, if you can.
  • You can also investigate city planning to see the local infrastructure and planned construction or improvements. Research what the city may be doing to improve its walkability score and local transit, as well. Be mindful of what traffic and noise are like in and around your neighborhood.
  • Schools will post their local scores and test rates online—great school ratings also improve home values.
  • Weather and temperature are also important to research. You will want to ensure that the home and surrounding area are equipped to handle extreme heat or cold, as well as any potential flooding or wind from storms. Look at flood maps and annual statistics carefully.
  • You can use google, drive around, or go online to other review sites to check out the local resources. Be sure there are ample grocery stories with affordable and healthy options for food. Do you like nightlife or arts and culture? You can go to the park and recreation department or local arts commission to see what is around the area.
  • Try out online maps to and from your home to various areas and facilities using both car, walking, and public transit to see what it may be like to live in the neighborhood. Consider how accessible everything is and whether it will create a hassle.
  • Most importantly, research the local economy to ensure your business or career are projected for growth and demand in the area, maintaining a good stream of income is vital to owning a home.

If you would like to learn more, contact Nickel City Funding in Orchard Park, NY. Our professional staff welcome your questions on how to look up resources in New York neighborhoods.