Selling Your Home & Staging Tips to Maximize Price

Many people have found that when they sell a home, staging a house will both reduce its time on the market and increase its price. However, simply staging a home alone will not bring you success. This is why we are here to help you understand some key tips to stage your home, and maximize its price.

Inexpensive Home Staging Tips

If you seek to stage your home and get a good price for it, then it is important to save up-front on staging costs. Here are some key ways you can stage your home inexpensively:

  • De-clutter, and organize the space: try opening up the closets and organizing them to show off the utility that they can add. A space that appears clean and useful will appeal to a buyer. Open space also helps. Even if you need to store items off-site or in a storage pod during the sale, it may end up increasing your home value in the end.
  • Paint in neutral colors—repainting your rooms and walls can be an inexpensive way to help the home look clean. In addition, selecting a neutral color can make the home appear warm and inviting, especially if you pick an earth tone.
  • Add some lamps and make sure that rooms look bright and inviting when showing the home. If you seek ways to make the home look light, then buyers will find it more enticing.
  • Make the space look like it can be well utilized, for example, show ways in which a bedroom may also be used as an office or music room.
  • Highlight unique features of the home—check out other homes on sale nearby and then decorate in ways that draw out the elements that helps your home stand apart from the competition.
  • If you have a yard, ensure it looks inviting and is well groomed.

Minimizing Time on the Market

However you approach your home staging, you want to minimize the time your home is on the market if possible. The longer your home takes to sell, the more costs you may incur. You should not try to complete an ambitious remodel just to sell the home. Spend your money doing the basic cosmetic fixes and upgrades needed only. Conversely, if you have no budget for staging, understand that it may be harder to sell a completely empty or messy home.

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