Getting a Better Rate By Refinancing Your VA Loan

Are you a homeowner with military experience who has previously bought a home with a VA loan, and interested in reducing the amount you pay for a mortgage? If so, you may be able to refinance your current mortgage for a better rate. If you are interested in understanding the VA loan refinancing options that…

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Understanding Private Mortgage Insurance

When you buy a home, there are numerous costs that are associated with the purchase, which can sometimes make it challenging to fully understand everything that is required when you receive mortgage financing. If you are choosing to obtain a conventional loan to purchase a property, an additional cost that you may need to consider…

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The Escrow Process – A Final Step To Becoming a Homeowner

When it comes to buying a home, there are many complex steps involved that can sometimes be confusing for potential homebuyers, including one of the final steps known as the escrow process. If you are interested in buying a home in Orchard Park, New York, and want to better understand the steps it takes to…

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How Will Rising Interest Rates Impact the Housing Market?

In order to help balance out inflation, the Federal Reserve has recently announced that they will implement an increase in interest rates to help sustain the economy. This has many people concerned about how the housing market and home prices will be affected. If you are interested in purchasing or selling a home in Orchard…

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Renovating a Home With an FHA 203K Loan

Are you interested in buying a property that is in need of some maintenance and repair, or interested in making some renovations to your current home and wondering what your financing options may be? FHA 203K loans allow a borrower to take out a loan for the purchase of a home that is in need…

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Financing Your Dream Home With a Jumbo Loan

Are you interested in buying a home and have your heart set on a property that may be somewhat above your price limit? Housing prices have been on the rise in the United States, so you may need to take out a larger mortgage when buying your dream home. Jumbo loans are mortgages that are…

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How Do I Know What Documents I Need When I Buy a Home?

Have you decided that you are ready to become a homeowner, and are curious about the types of paperwork you will need to provide when you go to apply for a mortgage? There are many steps involved when purchasing a home that can sometimes seem overwhelming, however, having the appropriate documentation organized ahead of time…

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Financing a Property With a Conventional Loan

Are you interested in buying a home and trying to decide on the best financing option to fit your circumstances? Conventional loans can be a great mortgage option because they offer flexible terms and competitive rates. If you are ready to purchase a home in Orchard Park, New York, and want to know about your…

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When Do I Need to Start Making Mortgage Payments?

When you purchase a property, the final step is closing on the home, and once you have signed all of the necessary documents and paid for closing costs, you officially become a homeowner. The loan begins when the transaction is completed on the closing date, and your mortgage payments begin soon after. If you are…

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