A Look at Conventional Loans


Many banks in the private lending market use conventional loans. A conventional loan is a mortgage that is not backed by a government entity. Therefore, banks can be somewhat more flexible in the terms they choose for their loans. Today we share more information about this mortgage program; you may have an easier time qualifying… [Read More]

What are VA Loans?


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) administers VA loans. This program can help people who serve our country purchase the home that they deserve. There are also many benefits with using this government-backed program. This program was created after the Second World War to help military and their families find the American Dream. Many qualifying… [Read More]

Self-Employed Loans


Nickel City Funding helps a wide array of homebuyers with unique financing needs. This week, we are here to help explain why someone may need a self-employed loan. If you are an entrepreneur or contractor, or have non-traditional sources of income, then this loan may be your ticket to a new home. Read on below… [Read More]

Understanding Reverse Mortgages

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When you make a loan against a home that you already own, this is commonly known as a reverse mortgage. You can borrow against equity once you have paid down a home, and take out funds to pay other expenses. Many people use this to purchase a second or investment property. It can also be… [Read More]

How Much Home Can I Afford Making $100,000 per Year?

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There are many ways to calculate how much home you can afford to buy on your annual income. In all the various suggestions, a key lesson is to make your home purchase decision carefully. Nickle City Funding in Orchard Park, NY has compiled various theories on how to determine the value of home you can… [Read More]

Stated Income Loans


Stated Income Loans Are you a property investor that owns multiple homes or apartment complexes? Do you have unusual income sources that do not meet automatic underwriting or common loan criteria? You may want to consider a stated income loan. Nickel City Funding, Inc. in Orchard Park, NY is here to explain stated income loans… [Read More]

How Much Home Can I Afford Making $50,000 per Year?

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In many parts of the state, trying to buy a home may seem like an unaffordable and unrealistic dream. This may be especially true if you do not make much. How can you expect to afford a $500,000 home if you only make $50,000 per year? Well, if you buy the right home with the… [Read More]

Five FAQs about Non-Qualified Mortgages


Nickle City Mortgage works with a wide range of borrowers seeking to buy a home. Our Orchard Park, NY staff are standing by to help with any questions you have. This week, we are here to address some frequently asked questions we get for Non-Qualified Mortgages (also known as Non-QMs). Feel free to contact us… [Read More]

Self-Employed Mortgage Loans


Nickel City Funding in Orchard Park, NY has helped a diverse array of buyers secure a home. This week, we are here to talk about a unique type of mortgage for people with non-traditional sources of income. This program is often referred to as a “Self-employed loan.” Recent loan guidelines aim to simplify the process… [Read More]

Doctor, Physician, and Dentist Loans

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Nickel City Funding is here to help Orchard Park, NY residents learn about a unique home financing tool for physicians and their families. Mortgages in this program are commonly referred to as “Doctor Loans” or “Physician Mortgage Loans.” Early-career doctors often use these loans. However, varieties of medical professionals—from Dentists to Veterinarians—have taken advantage of… [Read More]