What is TRID and What Does It Mean to You?

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What is TRID and What Does It Mean to You? The TRID is a special type of disclosure that is designed to give home buyers a clear and honest look at their mortgages before closing. At Nickel City Funding Inc., our mortgage professionals work with clients through each step of the mortgage and help in… [Read More]

Saving Money Through Seller’s Concessions

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When you work with skilled professionals when purchasing a home, you can take advantage of certain specifics and agreements that you may not know of otherwise. Seller’s concessions are one such perk that can benefit you. These are agreements that you as a buyer make with the person selling the home you will purchase. Here,… [Read More]

What’s the Difference between an FHA Loan and a USDA Loan?

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If you’re in the market for a home loan, you’ve likely heard of two popular home financing options: FHA loans and USDA loans. Both of these mortgages are fully funded through private lenders, but insured through a division of the federal government. While each has unique benefits, both types of loans have little to no… [Read More]

Tips for Repairing and Improving your Credit

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Consider These Tips for Improving Credit Are you interested in improving your credit score? If so, you’ve already taken the first step by exploring actionable items to improve it. There are a great number of changes you can make today and in the future that can gradually build your credit score over time. The Nickel… [Read More]


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