What Are Bank Statement Loans?


With Bank Statement Loans—You Have Options Nickel City Funding Inc. in Orchard Park, NY helps local home buyers qualify for bank statement loans. This type of loan is a mortgage for people who may not have the means of proving income to qualify for a traditional home loan. For example, if you are self-employed or… [Read More]

Your Relocation Checklist


Nickel City Funding Inc. in Orchard Park, NY has helped many families find the dream of homeownership. If you are seeking to relocate to a new home, we welcome you to reach out and ask for assistance. When you are preparing to relocate to a new home, it is important to research all of the… [Read More]

What are Non-Qualified Mortgage Loans


Non-Qualified Mortgage Loans or “Non-QM” Loans are loans that do not meet the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) established guidelines for qualifying mortgages. Non-Qualified Mortgages may have less stringent requirements. Nickel City Funding Inc. in Orchard Park, NY cares about its customers and wants to provide education about non-qualified and qualified mortgages. Contact our offices… [Read More]

FHA Loan Frequently Asked Questions


Sponsored by the Federal Housing Administration, FHA loans are an affordable nonconventional financing option. If you are unfamiliar with FHA loans and what makes them unique when compared to other types of home financing, you’re not alone. At Nickel City Funding, we get questions all the time about FHA loans from potential homeowners who are… [Read More]

Buying vs. Renting: What’s Right for You?

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In an increasingly expensive world, most of us are looking for the most cost-effective ways to get by. Many people are unsure if its more economical to buy or rent a home. Unfortunately, there isn’t a blanket answer for this question. But, there are some key things to consider that can help you determine if… [Read More]

Getting a Mortgage after Bankruptcy


Recovering after bankruptcy takes time. With dedication, however, you can begin to make great strides to improve your credit and financial health in just a few years. When it comes to buying a home after bankruptcy, there are a few options to consider. Certain loans have strict rules about how long after bankruptcy you can… [Read More]

USDA Loan Refinance Solutions

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USDA loans are a popular type of home financing because they have easy qualifying requirements and no down payment requirement. For people with low to moderate income, USDA loans can open the door to homeownership that may not have been available with conventional home financing. If you have a USDA loan, you may have considered… [Read More]

Home Financing Frequently Asked Questions


At Nickel City Funding, we’ve been in the mortgage business for a long while. Our team has found financing for clients with all sorts of needs and unique challenges. We know the mortgage and real estate markets well in North Tonawanda, Hamburg, Amherst, West Seneca, and Lancaster, NY. We take the time to walk each… [Read More]

Low Down Payment Mortgage Options


Raising the cash for a down payment is the final hurdle many people face before making the choice to buy a home. In this week’s blog from Nickel City Funding, we will explore a few different low down payment mortgages to consider. When you’re ready to learn more about these options and get a free… [Read More]

VA Loan Refinancing Solutions for Savings or Cash in Hand

In this week’s blog, we’re diving into VA loan refinance options to save money or turn home equity into cash. Much like conventional loan refinancing, there are both rate-and-term and cash-out VA loan refinancing options. When you work with a qualified lending agent, refinancing doesn’t have to be a difficult process and may cost you… [Read More]