20 Questions to Ask Your Realtor When Buying A Home

Purchasing a home will be one of the most important decisions to make in your entire life. It is wise to be thorough. This week, Nickel City Funding provides Orchard Park, NY customers with a list of twenty questions to ask a realtor when buying a home.

In speaking to realtors, we have found the below questions helpful when looking to buy a home:

Question 1: How long has this home been on the market?

Question 2: What have other homes in this area sold for in the last six months?

Question 3:  What is nearby the home? Are there any noise or nuisance concerns?

Question 4:  What have the historic maintenance and utility costs been on this home? What are the projected maintenance needs?

Question 5:  How old are the major appliances, systems, roofing and other features on this home? When were they last repaired?

Question 6:  How many owners has this home had before? Was it refinanced or foreclosed?

Question 7:  Why are the current owners selling this home?

Question 8:  What is the current price of this home based upon?

Question 9:  What is the neighborhood like? What do the neighbors like or dislike about the area?

Question 10:  How much did the last seller of this home pay and how much do they owe?

Question 11:  How many offers have been made on this home? How many declines?

Question 12:  What type of foundation does this home have? What repairs and inspections are needed?

Question 13: What other types of activities and uses are approved for this area? Are there commercial usages nearby and what are they?

Question 14:  Is there a lot of traffic in this neighborhood? How is the parking?

Question 15:  What other major projects are being planned for this neighborhood? Is there any upcoming major construction nearby?

Question 16:  Where are the local schools and what are their ratings?

Question 17:  How many homes have sold in this area over the last few years?

Question 18:  What natural disasters or major weather are a risk factor for this area? What other insurance may be needed? Is it in a flood zone or a potential future flood zone?

Question 19:  What are local jobs and businesses like in the area? Is there growth or changes projected?

Question 20:  What has happened to past owners of the home? What is the history of the neighborhood?

There are so many factors to think about when you buy a home, we welcome you to reach out for additional neighborhood checklists for your area. Nickel City Funding works with Orchard Park, NY customers to find the closest match to their future dream home, including financing options. Contact our professional offices today!